News: The Weinor Terrazza Pure New For 2019

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The Weinor Terrazza PureNew For 2019

The Terrazza Pure is a cutting-edge new glass roof system from German giants Weinor, which will be coming to the UK and to UK Glassrooms later in 2019.

A new free standing glass roof and veranda system, the Pure is a fantastic weather protection system from Weinor, a leading German manufacturer of retractable awnings and glass roof systems. With almost 60 years experience in the industry, Weinor produce some of the highest quality products available today and the Terrazza Pure is absolutely no different.

Available as either a free standing system or a lean-to system fixed to an already existing structure, the Weinor Terrazza is a flexible system that can look at home in a range of different settings. It contains a cubic design, with special lighting and decorative strips that ensure that the system looks great no matter where it is erected, whilst a wide range of features ensure it can be customised to suit whatever needs you may have,

The Terrazza Pure is based on the already existing Terrazza, and adapting it to contain an ultra modern look. The traditionally sloped patio roofs allow water to drain off, and the Pure does this whilst maintaining a flat looking cubic design. The Terrazza Pure's unique roof design guarantees reliable drainage without an aesthetic compromise. This means that the roof has no actual slope, purely the glass inside does, guaranteeing a more than suitable head clearance height, even when there are lower roof connection heights,

The glass roof of the Pure allows you to fully transform your outdoor space into one which can be used throughout the year, during both day and night. Not only does it do this, but it can also increases the valuation of your home.


After Dark

The Terrazza Pure doesn't just show it's beauty in daylight, and actually transforms itself and the space around it after sundown. High quality coloured LED lighting strips are located within the roof and at chooseable points in the legs, providing stylish and efficient light. LED lighting is of course up to 30% more energy efficient than standard halogen lighting.

The lighting strips located in the legs can be specified for different places within the posts, and the coloured LED's mean that you can choose the atmosphere you wish to create, allowing you to create a flexible area to suit your mood or need.


With the summers in the UK getting longer and warmer, shading is becoming a more pressing need in UK based outdoor spaces, both commerciall and in domestic situations. The Terrazza Pure solves this by combining brilliantly with the Weinor Sottezza II underglass awning, helping you to create a cool shaded area underneath.

The VertiTex II vertical awning is also available, and allows for vertical shading, filling in the sides with vertical blinds which allows you to protect yourself from low lying sun, and provides protection from rain and wind. This means you can be safe from blinding sun as well as rain, and allows you to attain a level of privacy from neighbours and onlookers. 

The design of the Pure and VertiTex II blend seemlessly and allows you to integrate the two without it looking strange.


Glass Doors or Panels

Just like how a Terrazza can be turned into a GlasOase glass room, the Terrazza Pure can also become a glassroom with the addition of the ultra high quality, super clear glass allows the Terrazza Pure to be a truly unique style of glassroom.

The panels and doors are all modular, meaning they can be installed at a later date. They can either slide or fold and create a closed outdoor room, a unique outdoor space that blends the inside and outside space.

The frameless design also meants that you can truly enjoy an unobstructed view of your property and surrounding areas.


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