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Enhance your home and garden with a virtually transparent glass room.

Making the most of your home and garden is important, however with the unpredictable weather in the UK this is not always easy.

With a Glass Room, a Glass Veranda. or a Terrace Cover, the solution to enjoying your garden all year round is available.

High grade products and innovative design, coupled with excellent customer service, ensure that we are sure to find a product to suit your needs.

Our tailor-made glass room solutions are highly flexible and come with a wide range of awnings, blinds, and glass door options to meet all your requirements.

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Bioclimatic Louvred Roof System

A room with a view, that you can put where you choose

Aluminum tilting blades, which rotate from 0° to 135°, letting sunlight in and yet creating a natural airflow that keeps the area beneath it cool.

Ideal for domestic or commercial settings as well as other establishments that require an effective and cost-efficient shading solution

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Retractable Fabric Roof System

For a more vibrant lifestyle

Enjoy your garden until well into autumn – You will be protected from the wind and other elements thanks to the retractable fabric roof system. And your patio furniture can remain outside without being damaged in any weather conditions. 

The appeal of these fabric roof system are their elegant construction, attractively shaped designs and high durability. With numerous versions available, it is also very suited to many different types of houses and requirements.

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Heating, Lighting & Audio Systems

Take the party outside

Whether you are hosting a party, entertaining with a barbecue, or simply sat outside relaxing, the addition of the correct music can elevate an experience to one that truly creates memories.  Now, both Gibus and Markilux have their own inbuilt sound systems to help you create the perfect atmosphere for every outdoor event.

Gibus' Audio System utilises bluetooth technology yo connect to your preferred audio system, whilst Markilux's Concertronic used the standard 3.5mm input and produces a remarkably full bodied sound to truly bring the party outside. In commercial realms, this can of course have many applications. For instance, it can help you set the ambience of a restaurant, cafe, or bar, to really raise the dining experience.

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