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Beautiful Outdoor Rooms to Open up your Home

Outdoor rooms are a beautiful, elegant way to bring the outdoors, indoors. Our stunning range of glassrooms are designed to give you the option of using your garden all year round, without any interruptions from the weather. They will brighten up your home and give you gorgeous views of your outdoor space.

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Why are outdoor rooms right for you?

Glassrooms are like extensions but without the hard work. Outdoor rooms don’t require any foundations, meaning that planning permission isn’t usually needed before installation.

You can enjoy all these benefits:

  • A more practical, useable space
  • More natural light
  • Added versatility – a new way to enjoy the outdoors
  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing
  • Panoramic views with a frameless construction
  • Added value for you home

You can benefit far more than you would from a standard conservatory. You will gain a light, bright, practical space that will help to improve your quality of life.

Making your Home More Versatile

Many of us wish we could spend more time out of doors. The problem is, the weather always seems to get in the way. With a glassroom, you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather.

Your glassroom will be completely customisable and you can adapt it depending on the weather. It will come with:

  • Roofing options – fabrics, sliding skylights and roof vents
  • Rain protection and rainwater guttering
  • Sliding frameless doors to provide shelter or ventilation as required
  • 56 standard framework colours

Rooms can be up to 7m x 6.5m and can be joined to create larger spaces, giving you choice and flexibility.

An easy construction process

One of the greatest benefits of an outdoor room is the simple construction process. Installation is quick and efficient, so you can begin using your glassroom incredibly quickly.

Benefits of glassroom construction:

  • Quick – no foundations required
  • Less rubble and mess
  • Less time with builders in your home
  • No alterations required to the existing building
  • Suitable for newbuilds and older homes
  • Quicker and easier to install than an extension

Talk to us about extending your home and improving your living space. The team will be happy to assist you.

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A Variety of Options with a New Outdoor Room

One of the main benefits of this type of room is the sheer amount of choice you will have in its design and functionality.

We have a wide range of standard shapes and sizes for you to choose from. These will link seamlessly onto your home and can easily be incorporated into the existing building. We also offer a bespoke range of outdoor and glass rooms on request – talk to the team to arrange a survey if you are looking for something completely unique.

We specialise in providing each and every customer with a committed service. We can advise you on:

  • The construction process
  • Roof designs
  • Premium features, like blinds and ventilation options

Talk to the team today to find out more about the difference an outdoor room can make to your lifestyle. We will be happy to give you further details and arrange for a surveyor to visit you. Call us on Freephone: 0800 3286250

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Phone: 01933 448853
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