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Bring your garden into your house with the elegant Glassroom

At a glance

  • → Fabric retractable roof with a convertible feel
  • → Rain protection all year round with integrated rainwater guttering
  • → Vertical fabric blind options for the front and sides for extra protection and privacy
  • → Glass sliding frameless door options for enclosing the sides and front
  • → Pergona PVC-coated fabric roof and 56 standard framework colours
  • → Max. Width x projection: 7m x 6.5m, with coupling possible for even larger sizes
  • → Standard Colour Range or Optional any Colour
  • → Electric roof operation as standard with various control methods

The simple addition of a glassroom to your house offers a myriad of benefits. These beautiful spaces are the perfect location for relaxation and entertainment, offering a light and spacious location between your house and garden. 

The range of glass elements available mean each glassroom can be built to your individual specifications. At UK Glassrooms we specialise in the supply and installation of bespoke glassrooms, specific to your needs. 

Glassrooms offer year-round shelter, utilising your garden even when the weather is less than perfect, which it so often can be in the UK! By using glass elements, the space blends seamlessly with the garden, whilst simultaneously feeling like a part of the home. 

Our glassrooms are fitted with frameless glazed glass panels, providing an unobstructed view as standard. Since the panels do not require supporting profiles, the remaining finish is modern and sleek, offering uninterrupted and panoramic views of your surroundings. 

In warmer weather, the panels can be opened to the elements, letting in fresh air, and allowing you to maintain the temperature that you desire. The easy operation of these panels means the space can be swiftly converted from glassroom to veranda in a matter of seconds. 

A glassroom is truly the perfect combination of the indoors and outdoors, in one attractive and enviable space. 

There is a range of choices available for the side elements of your glassroom, with fixed, sliding and bi-folding panelling all possible. Take a look at our case studies to see a variety of recent installations, featuring a range of panel styles. If you have a specific request or query regarding a glassroom, please speak to one of our expert sales team who will be happy to advise you. We are committed to providing the best solutions to every specification.

We also have a 'Guide to Glassrooms', designed to take you through the whole process of getting your very own glassroom. Click here for more information. 

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Quick & Easy Installation

Suitable for both new-builds and existing properties, glassrooms from UK Glassrooms offer both an architectural talking point and a functional living space. Unlike a conservatory, the construction and installation of a glassroom is simple, requiring siginificantly less time to complete. This means reduced building time, quick turnaround, and a cleaner garden space. With no foundations required, a glassroom can normally be installed with no planning permission required. In most cases these glassrooms can even be installed with no alteration to the existing construction. A better alternative to a conservatory in every regard. 

When weighing up the options for an extension into your garden, a glassroom is the perfect solution. Our glassrooms offer fantastic protection against the inevitably varied British weather. Versatile optional fabric blind systems offer protection and shade from the sun, which can be easily retracted when required. Combining this with the moveable glass panelling mentioned previously creates a dynamic and adaptable space that offers protection from all weather conditions. As a result, our glassrooms offer truly year-round space, perfect for any occasion. 

UK Glassrooms garden glassrooms also offer important safety features, particularly against extreme weather conditions. All components are industrially produced with the stresses of wind and snow loads as a primary concern. This production standard ensures the glassrooms we offer are created to the highest standard, providing safety and long-life as a result. 

These structures are manufactured in Germany to high standards, fully compliant with all relevant regulations, and made in each instance to the specifications of the individual requirements.  

Shapes & Designs

In-build Glassroom Round Glassroom Glassroom on balconey

Several different shapes and designs are available as standard, however we also specialise in bespoke designs, available on request.

Constructed to suit each individual customer, our garden glass rooms are made to suit both the shape and look of your house. Even if there are protruding walls, corners or balconies, our rooms are able to cope with this. We will be happy to advise you in detail, and help you determine which roof shape is the best alternative for your house.

On request, we can supply you with various styles of glass elements complete with aluminium frame to make your glass garden room suit your needs. These glass elements can be:

Glass Room Accessories

The UK Glassroom is a floor mounted structure that fits into virtually every patio roof as well as numerous roof structures. With the easy-glide sliding door is outstandingly easy to operate, and the intelligent actuator functions make for a very fast operation of the all-glass elements

Glassroom Roof Vent Glassroom Vertitex Glassroom Skylight

Roof Vents

For a breath of fresh air


Attractive, Brilliant and Long lasting

Sliding Skylight

Ventilation at the touch of a button

Add a combination of patio roof, glass side elements, awning and ventilation that is built to last. Our range of glass garden rooms can be used from spring until deep into autumn.

Thanks to sliding skylights and roof vents, a healthy and pleasant climate is achieved all the time. The ongoing air circulation creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere - and by adding a roof vent and sliding skylight, heat build-up within the glass garden room can be avoided.

Awnings can be used in conjunction with our garden glass rooms to create the atmosphere you desire.

Glassroom Easy Access Glassroom Actuator Glassroom Retro

Easy to open

Convenient and user-friendly

Actuator function

All the panels can glide at the same time


For virtually every patio roof

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