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Louvred Roof Systems


Garden Louvred Roofs 

Louvred Roof systems are architecturally designed, all weather patio roof systems that are perfect for contemporary home designs to extend living spaces outsides. These can be included in any bespoke glazing package and are an excellent solution to block the sun from entering the home through structural glass walls or oversized sliding glass doors.

The various Samson Louvred Roof System structures are designed with tilting aluminium blades, which rotate, letting sunlight in and yet creating a natural airflow that keeps the area beneath it cool. The blades can be tilted to their closed position to provide a solid roof with built in LED lighting if required. all this is done effortlessly at the push of a button as all the blades are electrically operated.

The aluminium blades make up the majority of the roof structure, motorized to rotate from a horizontal position (closed) up to an open position, ranging from 0° to 135°. Integrated drainage pipes built into the support legs allow rainwater to drain directly into the ground beneath or into existing drainage systems, keeping the area under the Louvred Roof Systems dry, safe and protected.

Each installation is made to order and bespoke to each project with the designed colours, size, configuration and optional integrations of the louvers and supporting structure to the architect's specification. Lourve Roofs can be finished in any RAL colour and a full catalouge of specialist materials can be integrations of the lourves are supporting structure to the architect's specification. Lourve Roofs can be finished in any RAL colour and a full catalouge of specialist materials can be integrated into the structure; such as charred timber or Corten steel.

Patio Roof Design Functionality

Lourve Roofs are available in a board range of design including free standing garden rooms, caltilevered roofs and annex garden rooms. 

The internal optional insulation of the aluminum blades with expanded polystyrene, considerably reduces sound energy generated from the impact of the rain on the blades.

Louvred Roof Systems are ideal for domestic or commercial settings as well as other establishments that require an effective and cost-efficient shading solution. These smart additions will provide stylish outdoor comfort and convenience for your friends, family, staff, customers or guests.

Bioclimatic Louvred Roof System Commercial Louvred Roof System LED Lighting on a Louvred Roof

More than just a roof system... 

The Louvred Roof Systems are built with a modular design allowing you to incorporate additional protection from vertical blinds, louvred walls and glass walls for further protection against any sort of weather and to also ensure privacy.

With several different options available, why not contact us for more information?

Benefits of a Louvred Roof System

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Slide Screens Louvred Roof Lighting Weather

Large Louvered Roof Pergolas

Louvred Roof Systems are modular design units that are available in multiple designs with the largest single unit covering up to 5 metres x 7 metres however, multiple units can be installed together to cover larger areas.

The modular design of the Louvred Roof System enables total freedom, with a wide range of possible combinations including vertical timber or aluminium louvres for additional protection at the sides.

The further enhancement using infill products for the sides and front means the system can provide an all year round weather protected area, with even further enhancement through built in lighting and heating units, all controllable from a radio handset.

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