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High quality, bespoke, glass verandas with multiple options and sizes

A glass veranda is an outdoor structure built from an aluminium framework and with either glass or polycarbonate roof sections. It is ideal for any terrace or patio, domestic or commercial, allowing you to enjoy your garden throughout the year and with the added option of heating and lighting let you continue use well into the night as well.


The Perfect Weather Protection Solution for the UK Climate

The glass veranda is a relatively new concept in the UK genre of 'outdoor living' - An ‘outside-inside’’ space, connecting and extending your house and garden, enabling the enjoyment of your garden or patio all year round, come rain or shine. The concept however is not new in Europe by any means, we are just starting to catch up in the UK really.

The awareness and understanding of the greater benefits of being outdoors has been driven into the limelight by the recent pandemic, with most people now seeing and feeling the benefits of being outside far more often for their health and well being.

The enjoyment of the outdoors is a great thing - healthy, natural light and fresh air and conducive to far more interactivity with friends, family, or staff and customers in a commercial environment. But, it rains a lot in the UK, period. Global warming and being on the exposed West side of a land mass will only really mean more wet weather with the warmer climate.

We are becoming a country with a wet and dry season it seems, overall warmer temperatures driving this change. Our outdoor living products stand out for their elegant design and seamless looks. Seamlessly reaching out from the building it will truly extend and improve the outdoor area with ease. With so many variations available, they may also easily adapt to complex architectural structures.

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Expand your Outdoor Area

A veranda (or glass roof or canopy) is a solid investment for your home or business for the future, extending the space and potential use of the room it is extending out from and providing a great outdoor living space regardless of the rain. We want to make sure your investment is the very best for your money with high quality products lasting for many years to come.

Cooking, eating, drinking, socialising, working, studying and generally relaxing is nearly always better outside and to be assured of the ability to use your outside space most of the year round, will be a great comfort and additional benefit to your home. Sun, rain and even wind protection with the right specification, but always enjoying natural light.

Veranda on Raised Patio
Terrazza With Heating
Terrazza With Vertical Blind


Unique Styles and Finish

Every project we work on is nearly always unique as most are made to order, offering several different ranges and styles, depending on specification, budget and overall requirements. Square or rounded front support posts, modern or traditional roof bar designs, cantilevered roof styles, larger or smaller framework profiles and so many colours to choose from. Then there are the options to further enhance the weather protection too.

A modern Glass Veranda adds a stylish new dimension to your home, a unique Alfresco space always available 365 days a year.


Features and Benefits

More Time Outside

We would suggest the glass veranda or outdoor room for anyone wanting to spend a lot more time outside, but with the added benefit of weather control and comfort in knowing the rain will not spoil their outdoor experience at any time. For commercial premises they will generally offer a very easy way of creating additional covered space to provide customers with more space and ultimately more revenue in additional seating. The stylish and inviting atmosphere created inside a, whether in the daytime or night time is always inviting and can easily become the ‘preferred area’ for customers to spend time.

Natural Light for Your Health

A glass veranda or outdoor room will be filled with natural light during the best months of the year and not block out the light like a solid louvered roof will do when deployed to protect from rainfall. The additional retractable fabric blind still lets light through the various fabrics when in use (except black) for sun protection.

Applications and Speed of Construction

They come in many different shapes and sizes for domestic or commercial applications and the additional space created in a very short space of time with minimal building work means they can be one of the most economical ways to create truly stunning outdoor/indoor areas for multiple uses. A high quality outdoor extension of an existing room in a building to create a more enclosed and protected space, yet filled with natural light and a feeling of openness with the glass and frameless door and walling systems used.


Various Models - Specified exactly the way you need them

The aluminium frame work is available in over 200 colours, including 47 standard RAL colours and 15 scratch resistant trend colours, with a textured super tough finish.

We offer various styles of wall mounted models, which are either a sloping angle profile or a flat roof design, suited to a more contemporary and modern style of home or building. We can even offer a very traditional Victorian style glass roof to suit country style and period properties. Stand alone structures are also possible with various framework systems used in place of a wall, for whenever the wall isn't suitable, or you require it to be away from the property.



Create the Right Glass Veranda for You

Our verandas stand out for their elegant design and seamless looks. Seamlessly reaching out from the building it will truly extend and improve the outdoor area with ease. With so many variations available, they may also easily adapt to complex architectural structures. There is also the option to enclose sides and front with glass sliding frameless doors.


Why Buy from Us?

Quality Products

Quality products from leading brands such as Samson and Weinor

Full Installation

A full installation service from experienced professionals

Bespoke Service

A bespoke service that accounts for all your requirements

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service from our experienced team from start to finish



Different Types Of Verandas

The Original and Classic

Made to order with projections up to 6m and all option possible for side or front infilling Rounded external roof bars


The ‘Pure’ - Flat Roof Model

Made to order and with very modern aesthetics Deeper and square roof bars with sloping glass incorporated into the flat roof design


The ‘Sempra’ straight line design

Made to order with straight edge design external roof bars for clear lines and modern look


The T100 and T150 - Small or Large Roof Bars

Made to order traditional external roof bars with multiple options for front support design and guttering


The Samson Amplus - Domestic or Commercial - Freestanding or Wall Mounted

Made to order and to very large sizes, including back to back designs for freestanding.



Traditional Verandas

Our flagship systems come from very established German manufacturers, offering the entire range of desirable options with a very traditional feel to the structure as well as the strongest build specification all round. We also offer systems manufactured in Holland, where again the outdoor living scene is way ahead of us here in the UK.

Weinor are market leaders in glass structure products, but also with a wide range of retractable awnings, vertical blinds and commercial pergola systems, all designed and developed with high specifications for a Northern European climate, rather than the sunnier southern parts of Europe where rain, wind and very damp conditions are not an issue.

Our commercial systems offer very large sizes in polycarbonate or glass roof options, depending on sizes and can be free standing or wall mounted.

Being modular systems generally, you can start with the glass roof only and then add components if and when you wish – LED lighting, internal or external blinds, sliding doors, solid glass walls and so on to create the perfect atmosphere and outdoor room.

The optional lighting bars available are high output LED units, providing far more effective lighting power than basic effects and mood lighting. The LED lights are very low power consumption and easily illuminate an area, with full control available via a remote control handset or even via smartphone applications. Infra red heating elements can also be controlled in this way to provide infra-red heat for the cooler nights.

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Veranda with Electric Fabric Awning

With the optional built in electric fabric awning, a glass veranda will possibly be the perfect solution for any patio or garden area, particularly one that faces south or west.

The solid glass roof and the retractable fabric shading blind will offer the best combination of rain and sun protection. The fabric blind will not be subjected to the same issues with wind as a normal knuckle arm awning can be and the roof will obviously be 100% waterproof, with no caveats on the rain intensity for use.

All of the systems we offer are made to measure, and they are all available in a massive variety of finished colours for both the framework and the awnings.

The retractable roof awnings are always electrically operated, because there is so much tension in the fabric cover in order to minimise any sagging on the larger sizes. The controls for these are simple and easy to use, and sun sensors can also be used to automatically extend the awning once the sun is at a certain level.

All the systems we offer are made to measure in a massive variety of finished colours for both the high quality aluminium framework as well as the awning fabrics.

  • Rain protection and controlled rainwater dispersal with natural light even when protecting from the rainfall, unlike solid roof louvre blade pergola systems.
  • Sun Shading, with control over how much shade during the day
  • LED Light options in roof, back wall or support posts
  • Infra Red halogen heating
  • Remote Control and smart control options
  • Glass Sliding Wall systems for the front and sides
  • Vertical Electric Blinds for the front and sides
  • Solid Wall Systems to infill one or more sides


Create the perfect outdoor living area

The glass canopy and blinds can raise the temperature in the cooler periods, and the open sides allow for the most airflow and circulation for you.

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