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UK Glassrooms specialise in a broad variety of products suited to both commercial and domestic use, from glassrooms themselves, to fabric roof systems, and even high end luxury awnings.

With a range of applications, these systems can suit every need, and with their flexibility as free standing systems or a "lean to" system (where it attaches to an existing wall or structure), they can work with almost any property. 

Different products have different strengths, and are useful for different reasons, so be sure to analyse all possiblities to ensure you make the correct choice for you.

Glass Rooms

GlassroomsThe Glassrooms themselves are a stunning addition to any garden and can dramatically increase the time spent outside. Offering a stunning panoramic view of your garden, the beauty of a glassroom is that it offers so few obstructions to your view, and looks unobtrusive and natural.

Alongside this, their aesthetic appeal is much higher and they offer a much more stable temperature year round, making them useful at times when a conservatory would be too hot or cold. Due to the nature of the products, the majority of these systems offer protection from all forms of the unpredictable UK weather, allowing you to truly use this product all year round. This is enhanced by the heating and lighting systems on offer which further increase the areas usability, even during the darker hours and the winter months.

Alongside this, they are a modular product, meaning if you wanted to split the cost you can initially buy just the roof and frame, then fill in the sides at a later date, and can always change what you use to fill in the sides. A highly flexible product, you can choose from fixed glazing, sliding or folding glass doors, fabric blinds and more.

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Glass Roof and Verandas

Glass Roof And VerandasAn idea adopted from the more alfresco based dining experience of Europe, a glass roof or veranda allows an outside space to be used most of the year round, with built in drainage and optional blinds.

Perfect for entertaining, socialising or simply relaxing, a glass roof or veranda can have a big impact on the visual appeal of your home as well as the practicality of outside spaces.

Whilst the systems come without the sides filled in, this is also a possiblity with certain systems, allowing you to create a glass room feel over time.

All glass verandas are specially made to order, and with different ranges, we can make adjustments based on budget, specification, requirements and much more. 

Glass verandas are designed to look at minimalist and elegant as possible, and with a choice of frame work materials and colours, they can blend in to look at home with any surrounding.

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Louvred Roof Systems

Louvred Roof SystemsSamson Louvred Roof Systems are structures that have a roof mostly constructed from specially tilting aluminium blades. Depending on the system, these blades can tilt up to 135° to allow a natural airflow to enter, keeping the area beneath cool.

To protect against rain, the blades can be fully closed, locking into an air tight seal and preventing any rain from entiering.

It is channelled down the sides into the integral guttering system which goes down one or more legs, and allows the water to exit at ground level.

These are a truly ground breaking system that allow complete control over temperature, air flow, shade and shelter, all at the touch of a button.

Not only are they one of the most impressively easy and practical systems, but they are undeniably impressive to look at, and a range of options such as LED lights and infrared heating systems really make these systems stand out from everything else.

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AwningsAlso available from Uk Glass Rooms are a selection of high end awnings. Suitable for both commercial and domestic applications, these awnings offer the most up to date technology with the possiblity for integrated lighting and heating. 

Suitable for most weather conditions, these awnings can be fitted with sensors to electrically retract in windier weather. There are also options with supporting posts to further increase weather resistance and stability, as well as achieve a greater projection.

The fabrics can all come in a range of colours and patterns to suit any taste, or to match any businesses colour scheme. and options such as valances can be specified to further protect from both the sun and rain.

A range of options are available, from the full cassette which offers more weather protection for the fabric, to an open cassette which offers more sizing options but can leave the fabric more exposed to the elements. Awnings are a great and easy way to make more use of your outdoor space.

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Retractable Canopies

Retractable Canopies are a fabric roof system that can give you full controll over your outdoor space. With the ability to completely retract the roof, or extend it fully, this is one of the most flexible systems about. With the sides filled in, it becomes a form of a glass room, allowing for fantastic views, yet with a level of control over shade and shelter that a normal glass room cannot offer. 

The incredibly sturdy Weinor Pergotex for example, protects against rain and wind and is a class apart from other systems on the market. An electric folding fabric roof with alumium struts is attached to an alumium frame, with support posts that can either be weighed down or concreted into the ground. 

These systems are designed to be fitted to an existing structure such as an outside wall of the home, however it can be fitted to a goalpost system if required and can be fitted back to back.

The Gibus Med Room is another example, and can be a free standing system if required, looking similar to their Med Twist louvred roof system. With the sides filled in with doors or glass, they system is one of the most visually striking systems on the market and has a broad range of uses.

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