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The premium rectractable roof to create a premium outdoor space

At a glance

  • → Fabric retractable roof with a convertible feel
  • → Rain protection all year round with integrated rainwater guttering
  • → Vertical fabric blind options for the front and sides for extra protection and privacy
  • → Glass sliding frameless door options for enclosing the sides and front
  • → Pergona super strong PVC-coated fabric roof and 56 standard framework colours
  • → Max. Width x projection: 7 m x 6.5 m with coupling possible for even larger sizes
  • → Standard Colour Range or Optional any Colour
  • → Electric roof operation as standard with various control methods

The Weinor PergoTex system is a premium product which allows people to take total control of their outdoor space all year round, providing the chance to enjoy outdoor living under the comfort of their retractable roof. This high quality design and build from Weinor is available in a variety of sizes and made to order as standard. This means you are able to have a retractable roof system that you can open and close to suit any situation. The tried and tested PergoTex gives you the chance to fully optimize your outdoor space and create a comfortable area designed to your specification in colour, size, choices for side enclosures, and lighting.

With a retractable folding roof, the PergoTex gives the opportunity and flexibility to open the roof up to enjoy beautiful sunshine, or to close it to protect you against UV rays or rain. On the subject of rain, this awning will resist against a heavy downpour (from an 8° or higher pitch). Since this product allows you to expand outside with ease, the knowledge that everyone will be comfortable under this expansion is something you can guarantee for most of the year, and for years to come.

The tried and tested Weinor retractable awning provides a maximum degree of wind resistance and will protect against the weather without sacrificing its properties, giving you comfort when using this product. The built in rainwater drainage gutering system prevents potential damage from large downpours, and even with the unexpected weather in the UK you can rest assured that your Pergotex will not be damaged. This is a serious outdoor weather protection system not to be confused with any normal fabric awnings or canopy.

Closed PergoTex retractable roof system Mid-Open PergoTex Open PergoTex

The Pergotex system is available in single unit sizes up to 7 metres wide with a maximum projection of 6.5 metres, and can be then coupled to make larger units. Freestanding Pergotex systems can also create a gable shaped pitch when bolted back-to-back. The unit is designed to fix to an existing building structure but also has the option to use a goalpost framework to be a standalone system when required. Optional sliding glass doors or various vertical fabric blinds can be added to the front and sides when purchasing, or later on after some use of the roof system on its own. To half or fully enclose this outdoor area is entirely your choice as the system is modular.

The tear-resistant PVC fabric is fastened to robust aluminium transom sections, enabling the roof when extended to withstand wind strengths of up to 8 on the Beaufort scale. 

PergoTex at night PergoTex view from front with sliding glass doors Strong, weather resistant fabric roof system with drainage

With a minimum roof inclination of 8 degrees, rainwater is able to drain forwards into a front mounted integral guttering system, taking the rainwater down through the integrated drainage pipes inside the aluminium support posts. The front support posts can be concreted or bolted onto the patio floor depending on the constructional circumstances. This is a serious weather protection system for commercial or domestic situations, providing genuine all-year cover.

retractable fabric roof and aluminium framework PergoTex safety Shield PergoTex modular System with optional glass sliding doors

Versatile weather protection

Safety Shield

Modular system

The tear-resistant PVC of the PergoTex is fastened to robust aluminium transoms. This combination withstands wind strengths up to 8 (Beaufort) - even when the folding roof is extended.

The fabric and technology rest under a special protective safety shield when the folding roof is fully extended. As a result, they are protected from moisture, dirt and leaves for example. 

Expansion and retrofitting can be easily accomplished in this wonderful modular system: Smart components provide vertical protection at the sides and front against wind and sunlight, for light and warmth.

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