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UK Glassrooms offer an extensive range of made to measure retractable Awnings for Commercial and Domestic settings as well as the larger framework supported retractable Pergola systems.

These fabric awnings are the very latest in design, technology and innovation with a wide range of LED lighting options, adjustable drop down valances for sun protection and privacy, over 400 fabric options between 2 ranges and many different control and safety device options to suit individual requirements.

Create your perfect outdoor living space with any of our Awnings and take control of the very diverse weather we have to deal with in the UK.

Commercial Awning LED Lite Domestic Awnings Red Markilux Awning

For outdoor areas requiring large cover and with exposure to windier conditions, the Pergola awning systems are more suitable. The wind rating is higher, and the fabric is under greater tension with the side tracking and front bar profile all working to hold the fabric cover as tight as possible. The angle for rainwater disposal is also less, with far less stress on the cassette as the system is supported at the front. One or both of the support posts can also be specified with adjustable height to enable the front to be lowered in heavier rain or low lying sun. This is all done with a few turns of a detachable winding handle mechanism at waist height.

Our stunning range of awnings will be a great addition to any open space. With countless options, styles and fabrics from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

All of our awnings are made to measure, and whilst some can be operated manually with a winding handle, the majority are fully automated by means of an electric motor and remote control.

All of our awnings are built using the very latest technology and highest quality materials.

What is an Awning?

Awnings can be used for anything from creating controllable sun and UV protection in a particular room and larger sizes to an outdoor area to sit underneath, or, for many people a retractable system can be used to enable some protection from rainfall in our very changeable British climate.


Our awning systems are more than just the standard fabric and frame traditionally available on the UK market.

Our additional options make our awnings not only the best quality, but the best value.

  • Built-in LED Lighting
  • Pitch Adjustment
  • Drop Down Valances
  • XL Sizes
  • Infrared Heating

When looking for an awning you should take care in ensuring you choose the right size, colour, fabric, and features to ensure it provides the shade or protection you want. It should be a careful investment to help you extend and spend valuable time outside on your patio and in your garden more of the year round.


All of the wall mounted, traditional, self supporting and retractable arm awnings available can be broken down into three basic categories, and it is mostly down to their design, and not the cost, that determines the category

Full cassette, semi cassette and open cassette

Full Cassette Semi Cassette Open Cassette

A full cassette awning is not necessarily better or higher price option than a semi cassette or open cassette.

Full Cassette Closed Full Cassette Awning Yellow Full Cassette Awning

A semi cassette awning can be a better option than a full cassette awning, all depending on your requirements for purpose and also size, accessories required, and possibly the support bracket position on the wall.

Bright Semi Cassette Awnings Closed Semi Cassette Awning Red Semi Cassette Awning

The open cassette awnings can be used in the UK, but are ideally specified with a cover above them to protect the fabric which is exposed.        

Open Cassette Awning Open Cassette Open Awning Cassette

Supported ‘Pergola’ awning systems. The supported system is ideal for large or exposed areas requiring higher wind ratings and a shallow pitch on the main cover. The wind and rain protection achieved is far greater with a ‘Pergola’

Markilux Pergola Pergola with Valance Commercial Pergola



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