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NEW for 2023 – The Samson 5500 Retractable Awning


At a glance

  • ✓ UV resistant
    ✓ Tear resistant
    ✓ Protection against UV rays
    ✓ Protection against heat
    ✓ Mold resistant
    ✓ Easy maintenance
    ✓ Water and stain resistant
    ✓ Solution dyed acrylic
    ✓ 10-years-warranty

When you're looking for a retractable solution to shelter your space, the Samson 5500 Awning is an ideal choice. This versatile awning can accommodate widths up to 5500mm and be adjusted from flat positions on vertical walls or balconies all the way up to 75 degrees of angle - perfect no matter what coverage needs arise. Thanks in part to its clever aluminium cassette housing, everything tucks away snugly when not in use with between 181-244 mm projection based on how it's set upon installation. Perfect for any outdoor need!

For durable protection against the elements, Samson 5500 has chosen Dickson's special range of awning fabrics. Rich in colour and texture with cutting-edge technical advancements, these fashion forward designs ensure outdoor areas stay stylishly up to date. Make sure your external spaces are covered - trust Dickson for fabric excellence since 1802!

Don't let the elements get in your way of outdoor entertaining. You don’t have to worry about maintenance - our solution dyed acrylic requires minimum cleaning effort while offering a 10 year warranty for added peace of mind!

Fly Cloth

Maki Cloth

Plana Cloth

Complement your space

Neutral or bright 

Patterned or plain 

Our range of awning fabrics offer superior protection from UV rays and heat, making them the perfect fit for spaces in cities, countryside or at sea. In addition to this excellent sun shielding – thanks to their unique coating.So if you're looking for an all-inclusive solution that won't succumb to natural hazards such as pollution, staining and mold then look no further than Dickson's extensive range of colours & textures available.

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Electric awning operation is the preferred choice in today's world, as it offers numerous advantages. Not only can you easily control your awning with just press of button on the hand-held remote transmitter, but also enjoy its built-in safety feature - wind speed or vibration sensor that automatically retracts the awning when bad weather approaches for maximum protection. Manual winding handles are not ideal for larger projections over 4m wide and might be tedious to work with! With the Samson 5500 awning, you can control your environment just like when controlling an app on your smart phone or tablet. This is made possible through Somfy and their Tahoma Smart controls integration. Using these settings, you'll have access to numerous customizable scenarios that activate based on temperature thresholds or sunlight intensity - so in elevated temperatures it will extend its cover! Wind sensors are also included for added protection against unpredictable winds. An amazing way to make sure you're surrounded by comfort at all times!

White lean to med roomMake the perfect first impression with an eye-catching, custom awning! Transform your storefront or business space and showcase who you are to potential customers. Show off your logo and lettering in bold colours that will stand out from afar - all perfectly printed onto sturdy fabric guaranteed to last against any weather condition

Having a branded awning on your commercial premises has many benefits that can help boost your business. Here are some of the advantages of adding a branded awning to your business:

Increased visibility - Branded awnings make it easier for potential customers to find and identify your business. They provide an eye-catching, professional look that attracts attention and makes your business stand out from the competition.
Added protection - Awnings provide protection from the elements such as rain, snow, and heat, making them essential for any outdoor seating or merchandise displays that you may have. Additionally, they can protect entrances and windows from UV damage caused by direct sunlight.
Improved curb appeal - Branded awnings give your business a more attractive look, which can help draw in more customers and increase foot traffic to your store or restaurant.
Low cost advertising - Since branded awnings are visible even when businesses are closed, they serve as low-cost yet effective forms of advertising for your brand and services.



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