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Creating the ideal outdoor area for relaxation, entertainment, or eating can be tricky, with the balance of shelter/privacy and light/vision being a tricky but vital line to navigate. Glass of course solves many of these problems, giving a fantastic open air feel whilst acting as the perfect barrier to wind and rain.

We offer various different solutions to help create a barrier against the elements using fabric, acrylic and other materials. Despite this, glass is definitely the best material to use when it comes to side screens, and barriers to wind and rain. 

No matter whether you are looking for a system that rises vertically or slides sideways, we have both choices, and all of our systems are bespoke in sizing and type of glass. 

Glass Room with Sliding Doors

Sliding Glass Weinor Doors

Weinor Sliding Glass Panels

Sliding Glass Panels Weinor


Weinor Folding Glass Panels


Our frameless glass panel and door systems offer maximum light and unobstructed views in a wide range of sizes.

Each frameless glass panel glides smoothly on a track made of high quality aluminium, offering partial or full opening, with the glass panels stacking at one end. Locking is possible, achieved through different handle sets and locking methods, with optional discreet brush seals also available for use either during winter or to block out the draught from wind.

Glass can also be used with other solutions, not just as additions for terrace roof systems. They can also be used as balcony glazing, high quality wind or privacy screens, or simply to create unique entryways. The glass elements are not module elements, but are planned and designed for ebery solution individually.

Made of the highest quality aluminium and glass, and assembled with fantastic workmanship, every panel and door is reliable and durable, and exceptionally easy to care for.

These glass systems can also be combined with optional aluminium double skinned panels wich anre generally used most frequently at a lower level, creating a greater feeling of privacy. We can even offer a more traditional style hinged door, with one of the aluminium panels.

Sliding Glass Panels from Erhardt

Erhardt Markisen Sliding Glass Panels

Sliding Glass Panels in a glass outdoor room by Erhardt Markisen

Erhardt Markisen Veranda with Glass Panels

The all-glass sliding elements can be used both as both door or window fronts, whilst the floor tracks can be recessed into the floor to provide barrier-free access.

The high-quality ball bearing in the sliding elements ensure they move quietly and efficiently, with long lasting stability. The tracks can be two or five railed, with lengths of up to 10 metres possible. 

Options are available from two market leading German companies, Weinor and Erhardt Markisen.

Rising Glass Barrier

Verano Luderitz glass rising balustrading

Rising Glass Balustrade System at a Restaurant and Bar

electric glass barriers

Electric Rising Glass Barrier System at a Riverside Hotel Space

An electric rising glass barrier system enables you to fully control your environment all at the push of a button. A balcony, terrace or even pergola or veranda can be made far more comfortable and usable with a system capable of offering protection from both wind and rain, wilst maintaining the highest levels of vision and light. Fixed height glazing which then rises higher at the touch of a button when required to provide better protection from wind.

You can take control and adjust the amount of air flow with a rising glass barrier section, these systems provide protection from wind and rain all year round. They are easy to use, and can be operated either manually or electrically via two different Somfy electric motors.

These systems all come in made to measure sizes, and can in fact be joined together for wider applications for limitless widths. Usually, they are split in two or three different horizontal sections depending on requirements and secured to the ground using plates.

There are options for aluminium framework colours and finishes, and the glass can be changed for 6mm safety glass, 5mm frosted/fumed glass, and more. Even add your own logos and make the barriers promotional objects...

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