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Choose a Luxury Glass Room in London

We are the leading name in premium glass rooms. We design and install luxury glass rooms in London, focusing on creating exceptional aesthetics and an exquisite modern space. With us, the process will be smooth and the finished result will be stunning: you’ll be enjoying your new room in no time at all, for many years to come.


Our glass rooms are:


Enjoy timeless design and elegance with far-reaching views


Glazed panels provide unobstructed panoramic views


Can be built to your individual specifications


Live the way you want to with a luxury home improvement



Glass rooms vastly differ to conservatories, featuring a more modern design, more natural light, better outdoor views and an open feel. They blend the indoors with the outdoors much more effectively. Plus, if you’re looking to make home improvements quickly, they can generally be constructed in just a few days.

Make the outdoors your favourite part of your home without having to brave the cold. Talk to us about bringing your dream home to life in London and let us create your perfect space.

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A Vast Choice of Quality Outdoor Living Products

Glass Rooms have many advantages for the modern-day home or business owner.
You will be able to make the most of your garden and transform your patio into a focal point.

Glass Roof With Awning
Veranda on Raised Patio
Grey Terrazza Patio Roof
Terrazza Veranda With Heating
Weinar Terrazza Glass Roof With Side Screen
Terrazza With Vertical Blind


Your New Glass Room in London: A Room With a View

The beauty is that you can make it your own. It can become a dining room, a kitchen extension, a garden room, a place for entertaining, a garden bar – your new space can be whatever you want it to be.


Benefits of adding a Glassroom to your home

Ultimate protection from the weather
Maximum natural light and beautiful views
Indoor-outdoor living
57 frame colours to choose from
Premium, bespoke designs
No planning permission needed
10-year guarantees


Bespoke Glassrooms in London

We specialise in beautiful, bespoke glass rooms - there is nothing 'off the shelf' about our quality products. You can choose from a range of shapes and sizes to suit your environment. Our rooms can be individually designed to accommodate walls, corners, balconies, and any other existing structures, so they will become a natural part of your home.



Choose from Premium Features like:

LED lighting
Sliding or folding glass doors
Vertical blinds

Enjoy the freedom of being outdoors with the added comforts of being indoors. If you would like to know more about selecting the right product from our premium range, the team will be more than happy to help.




An Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle Can Be Yours

Talk to the experts let's design your perfect space together.


Why Buy from Us?

Quality Products

Quality products from leading brand Samson Glass Roof systems

Full Installation

A full installation service from experienced professionals

Bespoke Service

A bespoke service that accounts for all your requirements

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service from our experienced team



We offer computer generated designs to show you what living in your new space will really be like.
Let's put your ideas into action and make your home the perfect environment for you.

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