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The right patio roof to meet your needs

This new concept to the UK of outdoor living -  a modern ‘inside-outside’ space connecting house and garden enabling the enjoyment of your garden or patio all year round come rain or shine is not new in Europe. The enjoyment of the outdoors is a great thing - healthy, more interesting and conducive to far more interactivity with friends, family or customers in the commercial applications.

Weinor Terrazza on Patio

The glass veranda (or glass roof) is a solid investment for your home or business, extending the space and potential use of the room it is coming out of.

Cooking, drinking, socialising and generally relaxing is nearly always better outside and to be assured of the ability to use your outside space most of the year round with one of our exclusive glass verandas will be a great comfort and additional benefit to your home.

Every project we work on is generally unique as all the glass verandas are made to order and we offer 3 different ranges depending on specification, budget and requirements.

A Glass Veranda adds a new dimension to your home, a unique Alfresco space always available.

Weinor Terazza with Sozzetta II Awning Weinor Glass Veranda Glass Veranda with LED Lights

Various roof models - Equipped exactly the way you need them

The aluminium frame work of our verandas are available in over 200 colours, including 47 standard RAL colours and 9 scratchproof resistant trend colours, with a textured finish.

The optional lighting bars available are high output LED units, providing far more power than effects lighting. The LED lights are very low power consumption and easily illuminate an area, with full control available via a remote control hand set or even via smartphone applications. Heating elements can also be controlled in this way to provide infra-red heat for the cooler nights.

A glass veranda is a roof structure built from glass and with either aluminium or polycarbonate frame work, for use on any terrace or patio, domestic or commercial, allowing you to enjoy your garden throughout the year and with the added option of heating and lighting let you continue use well into the night as well.

Create the right Glass Veranda for you

Our glass verandas stand out for their elegant design and seamless looks. Seamlessly reaching out from the building it will truly extend and improve the outdoor area with ease. With so many versions to choose from, they also adapt effortlessly to complex building structures.

We have a basic glass roof system which is only offered as a canopy protection, the Samson G6. It can have a fabric blind added for sun protection but is not modular like our other systems with the additional items for the sides and front. It does have integrated rainwater guttering however unlike some cheaper systems on the market with external UPVC guttering and external downpipes. All our systems have integral guttering for the very neatest visual appearance. The support legs can also be cantilevered for a different visual appearance. Victorian style aluminium castings can also be added for a more traditional look.

Samson G6 Samson Installation Samson G6 In Brown

Our next version has a contemporary feel with mainly square aluminium profile sections and can have lighting, sliding or folding glass doors and other fixed or louvred aluminium infills as well as a surface or under glass mounted fabric blind for sun shading to help create a perfect outdoor weather protected space.

Our flagship range comes from the Weinor system, offering the entire range of desirable options with a very traditional feel to the structure as well as the strongest build specification all round. Being modular you can start with the roof only and then add components when you wish – LED lighting, internal or external blinds, sliding glass doors, solid glass walls and so on to create the perfect atmosphere and outdoor room. Weinor are market leaders in outdoor living products with a wide range of retractable awnings, vertical blinds and commercial systems all designed with high specifications for a Norther European climate rather than the sunnier southern parts of Europe where rain and dampness is not an issue.

The modular construction of our verandas always allows you to start with a standard roof structure and add elements later on such as glass panels and/or glazing quickly turning your roof structure into an beautiful outdoor room capable of dealing with sun, wind and rain to control your outdoor living space.

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Features of Glass Verandas

Features of a Veranda

  • Enjoy your garden and outdoors well into the late Autumn months
  • Modular construction can be combined with all-glass elements
  • Multiple roof model designs and specifications
  • Sturdy construction
  • Built in rainwater drainage
  • Ideal for UK weather when combined with a sun shade blind
  • Adds real value and functionality to your home or business
  • A broad range of standard frame colours to choose from (over 60) - Optional special colours when required


The glass verandas come in many different shapes and sizes for domestic or commercial applications and the additional space created in a short space of time with minimal building work means they can be one of the most economical ways to create truly stunning outdoor/indoor areas with defined boundaries. An extension of an existing room or rooms in a building to create a more enclosed and protected space and yet filled with light and a feeling of openness with the glass and frameless door used.

We would suggest the glass veranda or glass outdoor room for anyone wanting to spend a lot more time outside but with the added benefit of weather control and comfort in knowing the rain will not spoil their outdoor experience at any time. For commercial premises they will generally offer a very easy way of creating additional covered space to provide customers with more space and ultimately more revenue in additional seating. The stylish and inviting atmosphere created inside a glass room, whether in the daytime or night time is always inviting and can easily become the ‘preferred area’ for customers to spend time.

Veranda with roof overhang and pre-fitted guttering

Roof with overhang and pre-fitted guttering

Roof overhang and integrated guttering

Overhang roof and integrated guttering

Pent Glass Roof

Pent Roof

Trapezius Shaped Roof

Trapezius Shaped Roof

Sloping Pent Glass Roof

Sloping Pent Glass Roof

Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to eaves

Trapezium-shaped roof sloping to eaves

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