News: The New Cubic Awning From Weinor

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The new Cubic Awning from Weinor

- 26th March 2018

Weinor have launched a new awning product named the Kubata. It features a cubic design for the cassette, and this helps it to look perfectly natural on modern houses. 

Cubic shapes are a big part of the aesthetic of modern properties, and this awning has been designed with that in mind. Alongside that, its modern design will still look fantastic on any home. The reason for the cubic shape is not entirely an aesthetic reason however, as it also allows Weinor to use a design concept that utilises screwless and entirely smooth surfaces.


The Kubata is an evolution of the I/K 2000 awning that Weinor has successfully manufacured and sold for many years, standing the test of time. It has a support bar with flexible backet mounting possibilities, and this allows for a fast and secure installation process. It also contains the LongLife arm, which has a huge service lifetime and runs smoothly and quietly, and also has a wind lock safety device. There is also a new support profile for the Kubata's Opti-Flow-System which has a roller tube with floating bearing. This ensures the fabric is perfectly positioned.

Besides the usual quality of the existing product characteristics, Kubata also boasts new details. For example, the drop profile is now equipped with a drainage system that reliably protects the fabric from getting wet when the cassette is closed. Two gutters collect the rainwater and channel it off sideways. The cover plates on both sides of the cassette can also be really easily removed using the clip technology. As a result, there is easier access to the control's cable connection and it is easier to carry out maintenance work.

Kubata can be supplied with LED spotlights that are integrated into the cassette as an option. The high-quality LED spotlights produce atmospheric lighting on the patio and have an operating life of up to 30,000 hours of lighting with very low energy consumption at the same time. The LEDs are very conveniently infinitely dimmable using the weinor BiConnect control.


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The new Cubic Awning from Weinor

Weinor have launched a new awning product named the Kubata. It features a cubic design for the cassette, and this helps it to look perfectly natural o


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