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PergoTex II from Weinor

- 28th March 2017

PergoTex II retractable roof from Weinor

Following the success and popularity of the PergoTex retractable roof system, Weinor have introduced the PergoTex II. A selection of new features, as well as innovations from the first PergoTex, will mean the PergoTex II blurs the line further between fixed patio cover and retractable awning. 

Taking all the best attributes from the original, the PergoTex II features integral drainage, LED lighting, and easy construction. As expected, the PergoTex II offers ample protection from the sun and UV rays, easily adjusted with electric controls at the push of a button. However, it is not just improvements to existing features that the PergoTex II boasts. 

Pergotex with LED lights built in
Weinor have also introduced a new fabric safety-shield, designed to limit the noise levels during rain. This, combined with the drainage system, means the PergoTex II is more than capable of handling wet conditions, and perfectly suited to be being used in the rain. 

The LED lighting options have been increased and improved, with HighPower LED’s now available in 48 positions across the cross-struts. Better lighting means the PergoTex II helps to make use of your outdoor space, even in the evenings. 

Squarer frames on the PergoTex II

The sleek and modern design of the first PergoTex has been refined, with the PergoTex II boasting a clear and striking profile, with no screws in the visible areas of the frame. The posts are now squarer in their design, meaning glazing elements and vertical awnings can be more easily incorporated, no longer requiring stop profiles to fill any gaps. 

New awning material options will accompany the release of the PergoTex II. As well as a new pattern in the Pergona range, Weinor will be releasing a range of translucent awning fabrics, with up to 21% high light transmission. These new materials ensure your PergoTex II can match your desired design, with the translucent collection adding an extra dimension of functionality to an already multi-functional structure. 

The PergoTex II builds on the strength of the original to deliver outstanding beauty and functionality, offering all the benefits of an awning and a patio cover in one striking structure. 


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