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Futuristic New Retractable Fabric Roof Systems

- 20th September 2018

Brand new for late 2018 are these two brand new systems, the Med Zenit and Med Azimut. 

They are both 90° retractable fabric roof systems, with a block-out PVC fabric, resistant to UV rays and providing waterproof protection to those underneath. The fabric roof has horizontal beams that run perpendicular to the posts, and this keeps the fabric tight and stops it sagging and water from pooling.

Gibus Azimut Retractable Roof systems Gibus Azimut with Blinds

The roof itself is curved, meaning there is no slope on the roof required for the drainage of water. The fabric roof has a subtle but effective curve, allowing water to fall down towards the guttering, which is integrated into the perimetric frame. Like similar systems, the water is then channelled down towards the ground through the drainage in the posts.

Whilst this could be viewed as a simply minor change, it has large implications for the potential applications of the system. Because there is no slope, this system has a much more elegant top sized profile and is perfect for single story buildings. The structures themselves are made from high quality aluminium and are powder coated, whilst the screws are stainless steel. 

Zenit systems can have zip closure blinds and the Azimut has integrated screens. Like other similar Med systems, the sides can also be filled with sliding glass doors and panels. There are multiple different LED systems that be integrated into this system, from LED spots in the fabric profiles, to RGB LED strips that can be installed in the frame.

Gibus Zenit in Sunshine Commercial Gibus Zenit

For more information on these new systems, ether check out our new case study involving the Med Zenit, or call us.

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