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We all know the feeling – the wish to be warm when it starts getting cold. The weinor development engineers have come up with a special kind of outdoor patio heating which works in the same way as the sun. The heating system Tempura provides such very comfortable and lasting warmth that you can sit outdoors in pleasant surroundings even on cool days and evenings.

Our outdoor patio heating system is called Tempura. It provides comfortable warmth allowing you to enjoy more time on the patio in the spring and autumn as well as enjoying cooler evenings. The ultra-modern and safe heating system is reliable and provides full heating power only one or two seconds after being turned on, converting 90 to 95% of the electrical energy into heat.

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Product details

  • Maximum heating output from an ultra-slim housing

  • High efficiency thanks to infrared shortwave radiant heaters

  • Swivel heating feature allows you to pinpoint where to heat

  • Splash protection makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors

  • Housing only heats up slightly

  • Available in 200 RAL colours

  • Easy to retrofit

Heating systems compared

  • The operating costs of the Tempura / Tempura Quadra are approx. £0.33 per hour. The operating costs for standard heating systems, for instance with gas, are significantly higher.

  • Comparison with electric quartz radiators or fan heaters: the electromagnetic waves emanated from the Tempura only warm the skin, not the air between

  • Maximum thermal radiation just one second after switching on

  • No problems with long heating-up periods, cumbersome gas cylinders or limited space caused by the heating mantle itself being too hot.

Tempura Quadra

Tempura Quadra is the square design of the Tempura with compact housing.

Tempura Quadra technical data

Output: 1,500 watts*

Power supply/frequency: 230 V/50 Hz

Filtered light: Up to 99%, extremely low-glare

Heating technology: Infrared radiation, instant heat

Radio control: On/off BiConnect/Somfy/RTS fine-tuned dimmer function

Hard wired control: Connected on site to existing supply


The round version of the Tempura impresses with its classic look. 

Tempura technical data

Output: 1,500 watts*

Power supply/frequency: 230 V/50 Hz

Filtered light: up to 95%, extremely low-glare

Heating technology: infrared radiation, instant heat

Radio control: fine-tuned dimmer function weinor BiConnect

Hard wired control: Connected on site to existing supply

* Two Tempura can usually be connected with a standard household 16 amp fuse

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