Glassroom With Inset Posts And Decking, Bedfordshire

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Glassroom with Inset Posts and Decking, Bedfordshire

Bedford Glassroom

This glassroom was installed in stages, following the customers interest in furthering the project.

The installation started with a Weinor Roof, fitted with LED lights in the rafters and an under-glass retractable awning. The awning provides the possibility of shade and coverage from the sun, but is fully retractable to easily open the glassroom to the skies. This first installation was completed with posts inset, to customer specification. 

The second phase saw Millboard Composite Decking installed underfoot, and the final stage introduced the glass sides, to enclose the space and convert the roof into a full Weinor Terraza glassroom. This included W17c sliding doors on all sides, allowing the owner to easily switch the space between glassroom and open veranda. The finished glassroom stands at 5000mm across, projecting 3000mm from the house.

Given the inset posts that were installed in the first phase, the sliding doors on this glassroom operate slightly different to other glassroom installations. Rather the side doors sliding to the back wall, they slide to the front, essentially collecting all glass panels in the front corners of this glassroom. The front elevation sliding doors open more conventionally, from the centre outwards, allowing the space to be opened up to comfortably blend the garden and outdoor living space. In this case, the sliding doors sit behind the posts, due to their inset location. 

Both sides feature lite trapeziums over the sliding doors, ensuring the space stays light and vibrant. 

This installation is finished with Trend Colour Iron Glimmer, smartly matching the frame with the existing window and door fittings, and providing a suitable and striking colour to complete a modern and impressive garden space. 

Take a look at our 'Guide to Glassrooms', taking you through the process of getting your own glassroom from start to finish.

Weinor Glassroom Bedfordshire glassroom
Inside Glassroom Glass Extension

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