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Glassrooms, verandas and awnings are incredibly customisable systems, and because of this there are many different accessories that can added to the system in order to make it truly perfect for your needs. These range from something as simple as retractable fabric side blinds to inbuilt speakers designed to bring the party outside. 

The most common types of accessories are generally infra red heating or LED lights, which extend the usability of the systems, whilst also keeping the energy costs low in comparison to their standard equivalents. Awnings, meanwhile, are usually coupled with an automator and wind/weather sensor, ensuring it is easy and convenient to use.

Samson Accessories

retractable fabric side screens from Samson Awnings

Retractable Side Blinds

When trying to find the perfect solution to wanting a little more privacy, or to protect yourself against those cold winds, or even to low lying sun light then a retractable blind is the answer to your needs.

They are mounted onto steel posts at the side of your glass room with a spring loaded mechanism which allows easy use of this blind to protect yourself against a variety of needs. The whole time it takes to fix your blind to the opposite post is roughly 5 seconds. While it is so effective, it is also a very popular choice of accessory because of the ease of use, as well as the neat appearance when not in use.

Samson Wind Sensor

Wind, Sun & Rain Sensors

Wind, Sun & Rain Sensors are especially useful in the temperamental British weather. With wind sensors analysing the speed of the outdoor wind, with the same aspects of sun and rain sensors. This is all to prevent any form of damage being created to your glassroom. When analysing the weather conditions and assessing whether to open or close the awning, a wind, sun & rain sensor can often prove to be the saviour on a busy day. For such a small component, this sensor can make a massive difference.

It currently operates when:

  -  The wind levels reach high speeds it will close the awning

  -  Sun is shining directly onto the sensor the awning will open

  -  With an outburst of rain appears the awning will open

Somfy interior thermostat controller

Interior Thermostats

Interior Thermostats allows you total control of what your do with your awning even when you’re not at home.

An interior thermostat will monitor the temperatures inside a room, and act upon what it feels is best for your awning to ensure a certain temperature is not exceeded. This will include opening and closing your awning when a specified temperature is reached.

RTS remote technology in a wall and timer switch

Timer Switches

Timer switches will allow you to control your awning throughout the day, whether it be opening or closing the awning at a pre-set time in both the morning and in the evening. The timers can be pre-programmed up to a week in advance, as well as being able operate several awnings at a time.

hand held remote transmitters for heaters, lighting and retractable blinds

Remote Control Handsets

A remote control handset gives you the freedom to control the shading from the comfort of your sun lounger, or anywhere within your home. Available in a range of diverse designs, a remote control handset will allow you to never get caught out in a sudden rainstorm, or even a sudden burst of sunshine, without having a wind and sun sensor installed. The remote control handset systems can be used up to a total distance of over 100 metres, whether that is inside or outside the home. The remote can also be used to either partially extend an awning to get the sun out of your eyes whilst reading on the patio, or to reduce the glare from a computer screen reflected by the sun.

lighting for large umbrellas and outdoor rooms


If you’ve ever had a family get together that has gone on throughout the evening, you will understand that lighting can be an issue that means you retreat back indoors instead of enjoying the warm air. With our lighting systems you will no longer have this problem, because you can sit outside and be able to see with no problem at all. All of the lighting devices available can either be installed underneath the cassette profile for your blinds, or at the end bar of the awning to provide you with effective lighting, giving you clear vision long into the night.

external heating system with infra red technology


The same can be said from lighting to heating issues. We all have those nights you think it’s going to be nice and warm outside, but then a chill in the wind means you don’t enjoy your evening as much. All of the heating devices can be installed to your awning/glassroom to prevent this from happening, meaning your evenings outside are warm and enjoyable for longer.

Gibus Accessories

Gibus LED lighting systems

RGB LED Lighting

LED strip lighting can be applied to the internal sides of any Gibus product. The LED strips provide an even light inside the structure and can be set on one colour or programmed to change between the three colours. The outdoor room systems from Gibus all benefit from LED lighting as it is easy to control remotely with minimal running costs.

LED light bars for retractable and fixed outdoor living products

LED Bar Lights

Made up of 12 leds/m with a power of 6 watts/m. Available in lengths 100 cm, 200 cm and 300 cm. It can be installed even after the system has already been installed. Input voltage 24 volt DC. Perfect veranda lighting or for any glass room.

LED spot lights

Spot Lights

Spotlights consist of 6 led spots. Maximal power: 18 Watt. The casing of the spotlight is anodised aluminium, and its bracket is stainless steel. Low voltage and IP 68 Certification guarantee the security.

infra red heater bars

Bar Heater

The Bar heater 4000W is compatible with intelligent control systems, and it provides a precise adjustment of intensity; depending on the number of filaments activated, it can work at 2000 or at 4000 Watts. 2000 Watts (1 filament) can heat up to 10 sq m, 4000 Watts (2 filaments) can heat up to 18 sq m. Instant heat with total control.

Weinor Accessories

Weinor LED light bars or awnings, verandas and glass rooms

LED light bars

LED light bars are energy efficient and have a long lifespan of some 30,000 hours. They create a warm glow for your outdoor living space, and can be controlled by remote control.

The latest LED lighting available is super low energy consumption, and creates much more than just atmospheric lighting with the power to be your main lighting system inside a glass room or underneath a large awning system. Full control, including dimming, is possible through a range of convenient hand held transmitters and other devices including an app for your smart phone.

Weinor Tempura heaters

Tempura Infra Red Heating

The Weinor development engineers have come up with a special kind of outdoor patio heating which works in the same way as the sun. The Tempura heating system provides such very comfortable and lasting warmth that you can sit outdoors in pleasant surroundings even on cool days and evenings. Various power outputs are available depending on the size of area to heat, and the warmth is instant with these heaters from the second you switch on.



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